At Alex’s One Stop Shop we offer a “Courtesy Checkup” where we’ll examine your tires, fluid levels, belts, lights, wipers, hoses and more!  It’s important to us to keep your car in tip-top shape! Taking care of your vehicle helps it to run better and perform longer. We look out for things that need to be fixed.  If you’ve got questions we’ve got answers for everything you need to know about car battery replacement, car repair, maintenance and more.

Keeping tabs on your vehicle’s health is always in your best interest. When you’re getting that feeling that something isn’t “quite right”  – bring it in to Alex’s One Stop Shop. Our professional Team of Technicians will diagnose your car’s “ailments” and recommend the necessary course of action through diagnostic testing. At Alex’s your car is in good hands with our Board Certified Technicians.

Along with our vehicle inspections, Alex’s One Stop Shop has a Team of professional technicians that will examine your suspension, exhaust systems and brakes, making sure they’re in line with your manufacturer’s specifications – giving you a chance to stop small issues before they become large. We’ll recommend performance upgrades and specific items that will help you save time and money. All upgrades are specific to each make and model. Stop in and have your vehicle evaluated. Protect your investment and help your vehicle run better longer!